Prehistory – up to 1600

The references below are sometimes connected with cricket although there is no certainty about any of them.

673Life of Cuthbert by The Venerable Bede includes an illustration of a youth playing with a curved stick
c1180Joseph of Exeter, writing in Latin, is quoted in translation as saying; ‘The youths at cricks did play / Throughout the merry day.
c1250A youth holding some kind of sports stick in the Six Ages of Man Window, Canterbury Cathedral
c1250A bat-and-ball game illustrated in a 13th-century manuscript of the Galician Cantigas de Santa Maria.
1300‘creag’ – an unknown pastime referred to in Latin, in the Wardrobe Accounts of Edward I.
c1340Pictorial reference on the border of an illuminated manuscript of the Romance of Alexander.
c1350Shepherds in a mural at Cocking Church, Sussex, maybe holding something like a cricket bat
c1350A bat and ball game on a stained-glass window in Gloucester Cathedral.
1477‘Handyn and Handoute’ among pastimes listed in a statute of Edward IV.
1478‘criquet’ mentioned in a French manuscript, referring to a place in the district of St Omer, north-east France.
1562‘Clyckett’ mentioned as an unlawful game played in Malden, Essex.
1598Sgrillare defined as ‘to make a noise as a cricket, to play cricket-a-wicket and be merry’ in Florio’s Italian-English Dictionary.

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