Rules and Instructions for Playing the Game of Cricket – T Boxall

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Boxall was a noted bowler and is believed by some to be the first player to have bowled leg breaks. In 1790, Boxall published probably the earliest cricket instructional book, The Cricket Guide. In 1801, towards the end of his playing career, he published Rules and Instructions for Playing at the Game of Cricket, which reproduced his coaching material and added a section detailing the Laws of the game. Early editions of the book are extremely scarce and are prized by collectors of early cricket literature. I am afraid that am not able to provide a copy to view here, but I do understand that much of the material was recycled in John Nyren’s The Young Cricketer’s Tutor, available on this website in EV Lucas’s The Hambledon Men.

The following are from a limited edition reproduction, published by J. W. McKenzie, 1981