Youth and Schools

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1739 – Youth playing at Cricket – J Cole after Hubert Gravelot (? 1730)

Probably the earliest illustration of cricket we have. One of a group of designs used as a decorative border. Also used on dinner services, jugs etc.

Here the image is reversed and used in the Arms of Shrewsbury

1744 – His House and School – John Stedman

School boys playing cricket in a fenced off yard. School master and artist seated in the foreground. Low wide wicket.

1770 ? Cricket at the Free School, Maidstone, William Jefferys

Maidstone was one of the early centres of cricket and provoked Puritanical outrage in the middle of the Seventeenth Century.

1777 – Children Cricketers Printing Block – J Marshall & Co

Black, carved wood printing block. Depicts four children, one holding a hoop, one tossing a ball, one with a shoulderless cricket bat over his shoulder and one holding a ball and a cricket bat.

1780 – Carmalt School, Putney, James Miller

Camalt School, Putney