Dorset Square- the first Lord’s Ground

131 May 1787MiddlesexEssex
214 Jun 1787White Conduit ClubMiddlesex
320 Jun 1787White Conduit ClubEngland
410 Sep 1787A to MN to Z
521 May 1787White Conduit ClubMiddlesex
605 Jun 1787White Conduit ClubMiddlesex
730 Jul 1787Marylebone Cricket ClubWhite Conduit Club
826 May 1788A to MN to Z
905 Jun 1788EnglandHampshire and Kent
1027 Jun 1788Marylebone Cricket ClubWhite Conduit Club
1118 May 1789MiddlesexGentlemen of England
1203 Jun 1789A to MN to Z
1325 Jun 1789EnglandHampshire
1408 Jul 1789Marylebone Cricket ClubEssex
1507 Sep 1789MiddlesexLondon
1610 May 1790Left-HandedRight-Handed
1720 May 1790Marylebone Cricket ClubHornchurch
1803 Jun 1790Marylebone Cricket ClubWest Sussex
1910 Jun 1790HampshireKent
2016 Aug 1790Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
2130 Aug 1790EnglandHampshire and Marylebone Cricket Club
2216 May 1791Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
2323 May 1791Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
2430 May 1791Gentlemen of EnglandOld Etonians
2502 Jun 1791Marylebone Cricket ClubGentlemen of Kent
2606 Jun 1791MiddlesexHampshire
2713 Jun 1791Marylebone Cricket ClubHornchurch
2815 Aug 1791Marylebone Cricket ClubKent
2919 Aug 1791Hertfordshire and Marylebone Cricket ClubHornchurch
3026 Sep 1791Hertfordshire, Essex and MiddlesexKent
3107 May 1792Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
3215 May 1792Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
3321 May 1792E Bligh’s XIEarl of Winchilsea’s XI
3428 May 1792Marylebone Cricket ClubBrighton
3531 May 1792Marylebone Cricket ClubBerkshire
3606 Jun 1792Marylebone Cricket ClubEngland
3721 Jun 1792EnglandKent
3830 Apr 1792Old EtoniansOld Westminsters
3920 Sep 1792MiddlesexBrighton
4013 May 1793Old EtoniansOld Westminsters
4122 May 1793Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
4206 Jun 1793Marylebone Cricket ClubHornchurch
4212 Jun 1793EnglandSurrey and Sussex
4317 Jun 1793Marylebone Cricket ClubEssex
4420 Jun 1793Marylebone Cricket ClubKent
4524 Jun 1793Marylebone Cricket ClubBerkshire
4601 Jul 1793Earl of Winchilsea’s XIG Louch’s XI
4717 Jul 1793EnglandEssex and Hertfordshire
4826 Aug 1793MiddlesexEngland
4909 Sep 1793MiddlesexEngland
5013 May 1794Marylebone Cricket ClubLondon
5121 May 1794Marylebone Cricket ClubLondon
5226 May 1794Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
5309 Jun 1794EnglandSurrey
5430 Jun 1794R Leigh’s XIG Louch’s XI
5514 Jul 1794MiddlesexEngland
5629 Jul 1794Marylebone Cricket ClubOldfield
5701 Aug 1794Thursday ClubKennington Wednesday Club
5805 Aug 1794Charterhouse SchoolWestminster School
5907 Aug 1794Marylebone Cricket ClubHampshire and Kent
6012 Aug 1794Marylebone Cricket ClubOldfield
6113 Aug 1794Marylebone Cricket ClubOldfield
6227 Aug 1794OldfieldKent
6310 Sep 1794EnglandSurrey
6404 May 1795Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
6511 May 1795Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
6612 May 1795Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
6725 May 1795Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
6801 Jun 1795C Lennox’s XIEarl of Winchilsea’s XI
6909 Jun 1795C Lennox’s XIEarl of Winchilsea’s XI
7022 Jun 1795Surrey and Marylebone Cricket ClubEngland
7126 Jun 1795Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
7202 Jul 1795Marylebone Cricket ClubBullingdon
7316 Jul 1795MiddlesexOldfield
7406 Aug 1795Marylebone Cricket ClubOldfield
7509 May 1796Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
7616 May 1796MiddlesexKent
7727 May 1796E Bligh’s XIEarl of Winchilsea’s XI
7830 May 1796Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
7906 Jun 1796Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
8013 Jun 1796Earl of Winchilsea’s XIEarl of Darnley’s XI
8120 Jun 1796MiddlesexKent
8211 Jul 1796Marylebone Cricket ClubBullingdon
8313 Jul 1796Marylebone Cricket ClubMontpelier and Thursday Clubs
8412 Aug 1796Thursday ClubMontpelier and Kennington Clubs
8515 Aug 1796MiddlesexSurrey
8629 Aug 1796Thursday ClubHighgate and Hampstead
8711 May 1797Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
8815 May 1797C Lennox’s XIEarl of Winchilsea’s XI
8919 May 1797C Lennox’s XIEarl of Winchilsea’s XI
9024 May 1797Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
9106 Jun 1797EnglandSurrey
9219 Jun 1797EnglandSurrey
9326 Jun 1797Marylebone Cricket ClubMontpelier
9404 Jul 1797C Lennox’s XIEarl of Winchilsea’s XI
9510 Jul 1797Marylebone Cricket ClubLondon
9614 Aug 1797Marylebone Cricket ClubHampshire
9728 Aug 1797Marylebone Cricket ClubEngland
9821 Sep 1797Marylebone Cricket ClubEngland
9902 May 1798Lord F Beauclerk’s XIJ Tufton’s XI
10009 May 1798Marylebone Cricket ClubLondon
10128 May 1798Marylebone Cricket ClubMontpelier
10206 Jun 1798EnglandSurrey
10320 Jun 1798Marylebone Cricket ClubMiddlesex
10426 Jun 1798Marylebone Cricket ClubEngland
10502 Jul 1798Marylebone Cricket ClubHighgate and Hampstead
10611 Jul 1798Marylebone Cricket ClubEngland
10713 Jul 1798Lord F Beauclerk’s XIR Whitehead’s XI
10802 Aug 1798Marylebone Cricket ClubHampshire
10913 Aug 1798EnglandSurrey
11016 Aug 1798EnglandSurrey
11124 Aug 1798Lord F Beauclerk’s XIJ Tufton’s XI
11205 Sep 1798MiddlesexHertfordshire
11310 Jun 1799Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
11424 Jun 1799Marylebone Cricket ClubThursday Club
11530 Jul 1799Surrey and Marylebone Cricket ClubEngland
11601 Aug 1799R Whitehead’s XILord Yarmouth’s XI
11708 Aug 1799Eton CollegeWestminster School
11813 Aug 1799EnglandSurrey
11915 Aug 1799EnglandSurrey